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Cole Lumber and Supply Company was founded in 1946 by Clarence Cole and was incorporated in 1956. In 1975 Mr. Cole sold Cole Lumber and we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Wolfe Industries until 1984. At that time, Cole general manager Don Clucas purchased Cole Lumber and Supply and on June 20, 1984, Cole Lumber Company, Inc. was chartered under Kentucky law. The newly formed corporation began operations on July 2, 1984. Beginning in 1988, Mr. Clucas implemented an E.S.O.P. program that would allow the employees to eventually gain ownership of Cole Lumber. In 2001, the E.S.O.P. (Employee Stock Ownership Program) completely purchased all of Mr. Clucas' Cole Lumber Shares and now operates under E.S.O.P. plan rules as being 100% employee owned.

Cole Lumber Company, Inc. currently operates an organization of 7 stores in 7 different Western KY counties. Our home office has remained in Paducah since 1946 and we are thankful to the local community for supporting us as we continue to serve the area with building materials.

In May, 1987 we acquired our Marion, KY location, and in November 2010, moved these operations to Eddyville, KY; September, 1987 the Princeton, KY location; February, 1997 the Lake City, KY and Benton, KY locations; April, 2011 the Madisonville KY location, and June 2014 the Murray KY location. Each location operates as independent satellite yards with Paducah being the home office support. This spirit of growth is allowing us to better serve our customers in the Western Kentucky area. We are continually seeking ways to remain the best supplier of building materials to our customers.

It is our goal to provide our customers with quality building materials along with a knowledgeable and experienced sales staff. At each of our locations, we attempt to establish an environment within our stores that is friendly to both contractors and consumers, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. With the years accounted for, we realize that not everyone knows everything possible about our industry and we are here to help in whatever capacity the contractor or consumer needs. From constructing your dream home to the smallest weekend project, Cole Lumber has the knowledge, experience, and materials needed to successfully complete your project.

Cole Lumber Company, Inc. is continually striving to be the best we can to better serve the customers. We promise our customers the best quality materials at a competitive price. This commitment to our customers since 1946 has allowed us to establish many relationships, both friendly and business. We are very appreciative of our customers and their support of us as we also help give back to our communities through various donations and commitments.

We hope as you are considering your next project that you will visit one of our locations and allow us to help complete your project successfully.